4 Companies that Have Changed the Way We Use the Internet

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Every so often, a new tech company rises up and changes the future of the internet—and today, we’re going to take a closer look at four of them.

By dreaming up unique new ideas that no other business can match, these companies truly stand apart from the competition. Read on to learn more about the indispensable services that these four tech pioneers offer web users around the world, and how they changed the internet forever.

1.      Medium Changed the Game for Writers  

Since 2012, Medium has been redefining the way writers share articles on the internet. With over 7.5 million posts in 2016 alone, as well as 60 million monthly readers, Medium has given a voice to writers around the world who didn’t previously have a reliable place to share their work.  

Medium’s undeniable magnetism has managed to draw all types of writers, from seasoned novelists to first-time bloggers. Before the site’s inception, it was unheard of for career writers and amateurs to post in the same space. But for the first time ever, Medium gives the “little guy” a chance to swim with big fish like The New York Times, or Senator John Kerry. Talented writers also have a solid chance of having their articles picked up by publications that reach a massive, global audience, which is something that was much more challenging in the past.

Additionally, the Medium Partner Program rewards writers by allowing them to earn money when subscribing members read or “applaud” their content. Medium changed the internet for writers because it allows them to earn money for posting articles under their own name, without the guidance of a client or boss. In the future, you can expect other writing platforms to follow in its footsteps.

2.  Mati Revolutionized the Online Identity Verification

Ok, I admit! We’re a little biased here. Giving online builders a “trust tool” was the goal from the very beginning, so I thought I’d share with you why mati belongs on this list.

Backed by past and present employees of Google, Uber and Twitch, Mati is determined to streamline the ID verification process for businesses around the world. Their Verify button seamlessly integrates into company websites, allowing the software to almost instantly confirm the identity of users anytime, anywhere. Our cutting-edge service eliminates the need for lengthy offline processes to verify user identities — effectively simplifying the ID verification process once and for all.

Mati is well on the way to building a safer, more trustworthy internet. Our revolutionary software gives Financial, Ecommerce and Sharing Economies the freedom to create simpler, faster onboarding for their users. There’s no question that Mati will continue to redefine online trust for companies with an impressively fast tech integration process and a free tier to verify users.

3.      Coinbase Morphed the Internet into a Powerful Investment Tool

Coinbase is living out the success story that every Silicon Valley startup dreams of. With over 20 million accounts created and $150 billion traded since the company opened their doors in 2012, they’ve left long-standing financial giants like Charles Schwab in the dust. But the real thing that sets Coinbase apart isn’t their massive user base, but the way they’re working to make cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Coinbase was the first site to allow investors around the world to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies without a hassle. They successfully brought these currencies out of the shadows, making them available to users worldwide who never would have jumped through the hoops to purchase them otherwise.

Thanks to Coinbase, the internet has become a crypto-investment tool for countless people, both young and old. Users who never had an interest in finance have suddenly been swept away by these powerful new currencies, and many of them will undoubtedly become lifelong investors.

4.      Wikipedia Redefined the Way We Access Information

This gigantic information database is made up of over 46 million pages, and a page is edited approximately 1.7 times per second.

Stats like this are hard to ignore – but Wikipedia’s most impressive accomplishment of all is that it allows users to access a wealth of obscure knowledge in a matter of seconds and for 24 hours per day. There are countless pages on everything from world-famous leaders to unknown bands that only a few people have heard of.

Anyone with an account can edit a Wikipedia page, as long as editing isn’t restricted on that topic. And anyone can create a new page using the Article Wizard too – which means that non-tech savvy people around the world can contribute to the largest database in human history. By providing instant access to so much valuable knowledge, Wikipedia has undeniably changed the way we use the internet.

The focus on the bigger picture

Whether you’re looking for a trust tool, exciting investment opportunities, or even a way to share a carpool with strangers, exciting new applications are everywhere. However, what is clear is that there are companies that focus on competitors and the bottom line and those that are fundamentally driven to improve the way we all interact – online or off. Similar to amazon’s famous customer obsession, companies that obsess over a well defined user experience have an easier time hiring, and ignoring distractions. There’s many more of them not on our list, and most others are not even incorporated, but they will continue to inspire our team and changing the way we use the internet.

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