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Announcing our $13.5M Series A

In 2017, we set out to change how identity and reputation is established online. I was driven by my personal experience as an immigrant, continually shut out from financial services because of my “thin file.” I experienced a lot of frustration and red tape, but I knew these challenges were much worse for others. I wanted to address this problem by tackling its root cause: inadequate identity infrastructure.

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How Identity Verification Will Take Finance (and Crypto) Mainstream

What does something as boring as compliance software have to do with financial inclusion, decentralization, or economic development of underdeveloped countries? In short, the lack of modularized legal identity is a peg blocking a domino effect of development in inclusive finance, e-commerce, the service economy, and the promised land of a peer-to-peer economy built on top of blockchains. My goal is to share with you the roadmap, and the bet we’ve made— that standardizing identity will do for the world what a brick did for architecture.

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