Mati Press Release: Global ID Verification in 10 Minutes!

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With offices in San Francisco and Mexico City, Mati has launched into the Online ID verification space with the release of its Global ID product. Funded by present and past employees of Google, Uber and Twitch, Mati’s advanced technology improves the industry with an approximate 10 minute integration process and a smoother user experience.

Online ID verification is the process of validating that an Internet user is who they say they are. Mati’s advanced computer vision software decides whether a user is physically there in front of the computer or smartphone, as opposed to a mere picture of that user, then compares that user to the photo of their uploaded official government ID, whilst also checking that they exist in their respective government database. All of it done almost instantly, with a focus on a seamless user experience. Mati takes the verification a process further by also checking against terrorist watchlists, as well as other public and private blacklists.

Online ID checks are now fundamentally important to many financial institutions and FinTech start-ups, many of whom need to have KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance and can save significant resources by using an online provider rather than time-expensive manual  processes. Sharing-economy companies such as Uber or airbnb can also take advantage of this technology to improve the onboarding experience of both their users and contractors.

CEO of Mati, Filip Victor, says, “Mati has launched its Global ID verification product at a crucial time for Internet users, before a bad user experience becomes the industry norm. Online trust is fundamentally important to an improved global economy, which is why Mati is providing the technology to help companies start transacting with its users in a truly simple way.”

User Privacy Secured

Building a secure product was a primary concern at Mati. User data is secured with the best possible defenses, fully encrypted and monitored for intrusions. We undergo regular penetration testing tests to ensure that user data is secure from hackers, and other common risks – that’s right, we incentivize hackers to try to break in as part of our defense strategy.

About Mati

Mati is a San Francisco based technology company focused on improving online trust through the development of advanced, secure software products that enable Internet users to more easily access and use online solutions.

Following the release of its Global ID verification product, Mati continues to move forwards in solving further trust problems that exist between businesses and their users. Having been so far focused on partnering with startups and large financial institutions in LATAM, Mati is now focused on global growth.

For media enquiries, please contact Daniela Hernandez, via

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