Rental Industry & How To Fight Fraud

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How StayMinty eliminated chargebacks from thousands of dollars to $0 in one month.

StayMinty is a vacation rental management company that curates uniquely designed properties infused with local culture in places you want to go.  They offer hotel like consistency, 5 star service, & ’round the clock hospitality for families going on vacation, party groups and more. They operated in cities across the USA and are rapidly growing.

Mati is a Silicon Valley startup focused on building trust tools and improve safety standards online . Mati helps businesses of all sizes to verify the identity of their users to increase security and prevent fraudulent activity. It operates in North America, Europe, LATAM, and Asia, and specializes in helping companies in the sharing economy, crypto space, and fintech.

The Vacation Rental industry has, in recent years, become very targeted by fraudsters because of its high-ticket items (the average price of a fraudulent booking ranges from $238-$588, according to Sift Science) and intangible goods – which means there is nothing to collect. In addition, with instant booking capabilities, it becomes increasingly difficult for small teams to investigate every transaction and quickly detect fraudulent activity.

“We have not received any chargebacks since we started using Mati!”   -Steven Talbott, Co-Founder StayMinty

There are two ways to reduce fraudulent bookings, you can stop the fraudulent activity before it happens and you can detect the fraud after it happens and report it (most cases are lost by the merchant). Mati’s KYC solution helps you prevent fraud from happening by identifying who your guests are before they arrive at your vacation rental. You can ask users to verify themselves at any point and with Mati’s seamless UX you can verify their identity in as little as 30 seconds.

We recently spoke to Steven Talbott, co-founder and Director of Operations at Stay Minty, who explains how Mati’s simple and user friendly verification flow helps him stop fraud before it happens.

Q: By using our product can you measure any reduced costs?

A: “Ever since we implemented this process (Mati), I think that just because people saw that we are verifying something, their ID, they are less inclined to make fraud. So we haven’t had a since chargeback since we started doing this.”

StayMinty started in early 2018 and today the company manages about 25 units in different cities across the US. Their target market varies between party groups and families going on vacations. Before they implemented Mati, they “were getting a lot of chargebacks, several fraudulent transactions well over $1000 USD”. That number dropped to zero after they began using trust tools by mati.

Given that in the vacation rental industry most teams are small or medium sized and each team member’s time is precious, we also wanted to know how valuable Mati had been for Steven and his team. So we asked Steven about how StayMinty evaluated using other alternatives to using Mati.

Q: By using Mati can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

A: “When we were getting this chargeback we were either going to do it manually ourselves or have somebody do this on a per reservation basis…that would have been a big cost we are avoiding now”.

Mati has been verifying the identity of online users for the past three years and helping companies like StayMinty decrease their fraud and get more time on their hands to stay ahead of the competition. We work with companies of all sizes and focus on having the best UX in the market, the simplest integration process, and personalized customer service to ensure that your team can focus on the growth of your business.  

To learn more about Mati and how we can help your business decrease fraud automatically visit us at

To learn more about StayMinty and find your ideal place to stay in your next vacation or trip visit their website at

PS. Check out how StayMinty verifies their users here

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