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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Identity Verification Provider

Ensuring users are who they claim to be is without a doubt, one of the most critical steps to implement within your online services, be it at onboarding or checkout. Why is this so important, you may ask? Because without the reassurance that comes with having legitimate, verified users, your platform and clients could be left exposed to potential security threats.

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How Identity Verification Will Take Finance (and Crypto) Mainstream

What does something as boring as compliance software have to do with financial inclusion, decentralization, or economic development of underdeveloped countries? In short, the lack of modularized legal identity is a peg blocking a domino effect of development in inclusive finance, e-commerce, the service economy, and the promised land of a peer-to-peer economy built on top of blockchains. My goal is to share with you the roadmap, and the bet we’ve made— that standardizing identity will do for the world what a brick did for architecture.

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Identifying One Billion Ghosts

It may surprise you that only half of the world’s population currently have access to the internet. That’s 3.5 billion people who are completely disconnected from the web and all of the opportunities it affords.

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4 Companies that Have Changed the Way We Use the Internet

Every so often, a new tech company rises up and changes the future of the internet—and today, we’re going to take a closer look at four of them. By dreaming up unique new ideas that no other business can match, these companies truly stand apart from the competition. Read on to learn more about the indispensable services that these four tech pioneers offer web users around the world, and how they changed the internet forever. 1.      Medium Changed the Game for Writers   Since 2012, Medium has been redefining the way writers share articles on the internet. With over 7.5 million posts in 2016 alone, as well as 60 million monthly readers, Medium has given a voice to writers around the world who didn’t previously have a reliable place to share their work.   Medium’s undeniable magnetism has managed to draw all types of writers, from seasoned novelists to first-time bloggers. Before the site’s inception, it was unheard of for career writers and amateurs to post in the same space. But for the first time ever, Medium gives the “little guy” a chance to swim with big fish like The New York Times, or Senator John Kerry. Talented writers also

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