Use Case: Improving UX in Crypto

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Match Trade Technologies provides services for crypto brokerage companies. Match2Pay is their recently developed Crypto Payment Gateway which is a complete solution for buying, exchanging and collecting cryptocurrencies. It is a simplified service that allows users to instantly buy crypto currencies and then withdraw to their wallets.

Mati is a Silicon Valley startup focused on building the biggest network of verified online users. The company helps businesses of all sizes with their AML/KYC compliance needs and to prevent/decrease fraudulent activity. It operates in North America, Europe, LATAM, and Asia, and specializes crypto enterprises, fintech, sharing economy, and gaming industries.

“Ideal verification – the client can go through our process and get their bitcoin in 15 minutes.” -Christopher Danwoski, Match Trade Technologies

The Problem

When Match Trade was launching Match2Pay they knew that one of the major obstacles they faced was ensuring that the user experience would be seamless, yet they needed to remain compliant. They wanted their onboarding process to be “as automatic as possible” so that users can go from onboarding to buying crypto currencies in 15 minutes or less.

The Solution

Knowing that time was their greatest asset, Match Trade reached out to Mati to learn how our KYC/AML product could help them streamline their process and ensure that users remained on their platform.

Mati’s KYC/AML solution allows companies to verify the identity of their users in less than 30 seconds. The product was built thinking about one of the greatest challenges crypto companies face; the ability to take a user from registration to purchasing in as little time possible all while preventing fraud and being compliant with regulations in every country they operate. The integration of the product takes about 2 hours and it available in mobile and web SDK format.

The Experience

Once a customer decides to work with Mati, we make sure they have the easiest time to start using Mati live, that is why we have the simplest integration in the market. As Jacek Czarniawski, a Product Manager at Match Trade, told us

“we liked Mati because the product was quite easy to integrate. We just have a verification button [anywhere in the user flow] and then we collect the data from the webhooks.”

However, as Jacek told us, time integrating is not just a variable for the integration, time is their most valuable asset.

“The difference is time. Within 2 minutes the customer will probably choose to stay at our exchange or leave to check for other solutions. That [time] is a great advantage Mati gave us.”

Months ago Match2Pay integrated Mati and it has helped them grow their user base quickly. One of Jacek’s team KPI is to continuously make the product more frictionless “so that the clients are more satisfied all the time”. Mati’s solution has not only done that but it has also helped them “to alienate some fraudsters and clients who try to use some third party credit cards” and other fraudulent activity.

“No paying for unused verifications.” – Jacek Czarniawski, Match Trade Technologies

Growing companies like Match2Pay also need a provider with a simple KYC/AML product that can grow as they expand. As Christopher Danwoski, Match2Pay’s Head of Business Development, told us, “It is very important for us to have flexibility from our provider. With Mati, if we initially do not have a lot of verifications we do not need to have a huge verification expenses.” At Mati there is “No paying for unused verifications”.

Ideal verification – the client can go through our process and get their bitcoin in 15 minutes“.

All in all, Match Trade Technologies is one of the many crypto companies that has improved their customer experience and grown their user base leveraging Mati’s technology. We are happy to work with teams like the one of Chris and Jacek and help companies create the ideal verification for their users.

To learn more about how Mati can help your crypto business grow quickly please visit us at or contact me at

To learn more about Match Trade Technologies please visit their website.

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