You’ve seen that video before? Let me get things straight.

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A few days ago, I realized that one of our competitors was using a video they filmed themselves to try and discredit us in front of companies we were discussing business deals with. If you’ve seen this video, then this article is for you!

In full disclosure, a few members on my team discouraged me from writing this article, believing we shouldn’t even dignify this type of behavior with a response, but in my opinion we have always been transparent with our customers and quite unafraid to address things directly! Not to mention that this shook my values so much that I had to write this article.

So, let’s get to the point here. 

Did our competitors spoof our system?

NO. Even the video doesn’t show it. What is shown here is that after 3 attempts, the video file with the mannequin head is accepted as an upload. It doesn’t mean the user was accepted though! And this is exactly why this video is misleading: it’s not showing what’s happening on the back-end, or in the Mati dashboard! So just to be clear again, this mannequin verification was rejected.

Want an additional proof? Just have a look at the webhook that were generated during our competitor’s attempt:

We’ve also reproduced the full attempt here, if you want to have a look at the actual backend and dashboard results.

What are we going to do about it? 

Well, apart from this article to address your potential concerns, nothing. We have been around long enough to have experienced that in the end, unwavering product and customer focus wins. We will continue to try to rise above the noise, and let our solution and our happy customers do the talking for us. 

No need to add – but I can’t resist, sorry – that it’s no wonder our competitor is acting this way. As an established company that has been calling the shots on pricing and basic features for the entire industry for more than 10 years now, seeing new actors with better tech, features and pricing adapted to startup and scaleup entering the market can be perceived as a threat.

A final word on business ethics

At Mati, we take values & ethics very seriously. We have a 6 months onboarding program, we make sure that everyone in the company understands what our mission is, who we are & how we want to change the world.

So, seeing such business behaviors make us really uncomfortable. Not because we lose deals (we actually usually win these deals anyway), but because the world needs ethical people building ethical companies, in any industry – especially in one where trust is so important.

This type of behaviour is forbidden at Mati. Anyone doing that would get fired immediately. We are building this company long term, with ethical people, cause we think this is what the industry needs. Once again, we’ll let our product do the job and defend itself – and if you’re still reading me at that point, I bet you’d enjoy reading the latest version of our product guide here.

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