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Announcing our $13.5M Series A

In 2017, we set out to change how identity and reputation is established online. I was driven by my personal experience as an immigrant, continually shut out from financial services because of my “thin file.” I experienced a lot of frustration and red tape, but I knew these challenges were much worse for others. I wanted to address this problem by tackling its root cause: inadequate identity infrastructure.

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Paris-based Neobank Eversend chooses Mati to verify customers at onboarding and unlock growth opportunities on the African continent

When speaking to Stone about what made him choose Mati as his identity verification solution this is what he had to say: “When we looked into Mati, we were convinced it was a better fit for us. We loved their focus on emerging markets and their flexibility: you can choose how you want to integrate the product, and their team is always there to help us understand compliance and regulations..”

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Industria de alquiler y cómo combatir el fraude

En los últimos años, la industria de alquileres de vacaciones se ha vuelto muy objetivo de los estafadores debido a sus artículos de alto precio (el precio promedio de una reserva fraudulenta oscila entre $ 238 y $ 588, según Sift Science) y bienes intangibles, lo que significa que no hay nada para recoger. Además, con las capacidades de reserva instantánea, se vuelve cada vez más difícil para los equipos pequeños investigar cada transacción y detectar rápidamente actividades fraudulentas.

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You’ve seen that video before? Let me get things straight.

A few days ago, I realized that one of our competitors was using a video they filmed themselves to try and discredit us in front of companies we were discussing business deals with. If you’ve seen this video, then this article is for you!
In full disclosure, a few members on my team discouraged me from writing this article, believing we shouldn’t even dignify this type of behavior with a response, but in my opinion we have always been transparent with our customers and quite unafraid to address things directly! Not to mention that this shook my values so much that I had to write this article.

So, let’s get to the point here.

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