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MATICLASS: Understanding Face Match

In the identity verification industry, Face Match belongs to the family of the biometric checks. The name pretty much explains what it is, but basically: computer technology that compares an image containing a face to one or more facial images. This establishes whether the faces likely belong to the same person, therefore verifying whether they are considered a match. This is a prominent feature for our clients since it’s super useful to ensure that the person in question is the same as in the documents submitted. It’s also one of the best ways to prevent fraudsters from accessing your platform.

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Reduce incidents on your platform

How Automated Identity Verification Can Help You Reduce Incidents On Your App

As a founder or operator of a sharing or gig economy app, you are no stranger to the importance of a verified identity layer and the horrors that can come from its absence. Whether you’re a veteran or new to this space, we’re guessing the Black Mirror style stories we’ve outlined below are all too familiar. The happy ending? These stories don’t have to be this dark; and most are entirely preventable. Read on to find out how you can change the arc of these narratives for your business and end-users:

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Identity Verification: The real superhero combating fraud, chargebacks, and default rates.

Fake IDs have existed for many years and have been used by many people (maybe even you) for “harmless” reasons. I say harmless because I’m thinking of my teenage years when I would borrow my sister’s ID to buy beers for my friends or maybe get into a club. I guess this is why seeing a teenager borrowing an ID, or ordering a fake one to buy liquor is such a cliché in American teenage movies. Speaking of that, have a look at this masterpiece of a scene, coming straight from the 2007 comedy Superbad:

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KYC y AML Para Dummies: Lo Que KYC y AML Significa En Realidad Y Por Qué Debería Importarte

Para este artículo, te recomiendo poner tu música de jazz favorita, servirte una copa de tu vino tinto favorito, y si tienes una chimenea, enciéndela y prepárate para ser seducido por el sexy mundo del compliance. Es broma, el compliance puede no ser tan sexy pero definitivamente es importante, y ahora que tengo toda tu atención, te voy a enseñar de una vez por todas lo que es AML y KYC.

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5 Preguntas Que Debes Hacer A Tu Proveedor De Verificación De Identidad

Asegurarse de que los usuarios son quienes dicen ser es, sin duda, uno de los pasos más críticos a implementar dentro de tus servicios en línea, ya sea en la etapa de registro o de salida. Te preguntarás, ¿por qué es tan importante? Porque sin la seguridad que conlleva tener usuarios legítimos y verificados, tu plataforma y tus clientes podrían quedar expuestos a posibles amenazas de seguridad.

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